I Have Awakened The Deduction System Read Book

I Have Awakened The Deduction System Read Book

I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Author: Another Chance At Being Human

657 Chapters

  1. Chapter: The World of Reincarnation, the Beginning of Everything.

  2. Chapter: Self – esteem

  3. Chapter: First Reincarnation, 20 Years of Life Span

  4. Chapter: Little Genius, Grand Dreams

  5. Chapter: I want to skip grades!

  6. Chapter: Rank First, the King of Primary School Student Olympiade Competition!

  7. Chapter: Writing Classics to Become Master of Literature and Art

  8. Chapter: Natural and Man-made Disasters, Famine Strikes

  9. Chapter: National Scientists’ Achievements, New Viruses Sweep Across the Globe

  10. Chapter: I Have a Dream

  11. Chapter: Research and Development Bottlenecks, Tinder Operation!

  12. Chapter: Calamity of a Beauty

  13. Chapter: The End of Science, The End of Great Man

  14. Chapter: A New Era, the Ancestor of Genes!

  15. Chapter: The First Round of Reincarnation has Ended, the Rewards Will be Calculated!

  16. Chapter: The S-Rank Evaluation Was Made Public! The Coalition Government’s Million Dollars Reward!

  17. Chapter: Experienced a Lot of Attention

  18. Chapter: Seeing the Bully Girl Again

  19. Chapter: Vigilance and Opportunity

  20. Chapter: Second Reincarnation, Another Hellish Start

  21. Chapter: The Little Divine Doctor!

  22. Chapter: Self-created All-purpose Cultivation Method, Tyrannical True Cultivation Manual!

  23. Chapter: Shocking Change

  24. Chapter: I Want Them to Pay With Blood!

  25. Chapter: Massacre!

  26. Chapter: Zhang Muzhi! The Atrocity of the County Magistrate!

  27. Chapter: Use Your Blood to Pay For It!

  28. Chapter: Assassination!

  29. Chapter: Zhang Muzhi, Die!

  30. Chapter:  Become a County Head Magistrate is Quite Fun, I Want To Play For a Few Years

  31. Chapter: Lord Qingtian! Consolidate Political Power!

  32. Chapter: Imperial Family’s Trading Group’s Young Master

  33. Chapter: Human Trafficking? It’s Had Infiltrated the Chains of Benefit of an Entire Dynasty!

  34. Chapter: Assassination! Wanted by the Empire!

  35. Chapter: Ambush and Encirclement? No One Can Stop It!

  36. Chapter: Promoted to First-rank! Who Else?!

  37. Chapter: Who is Willing to Fight With Me for the Hope in Our Hearts?

  38. Chapter: 30 Thousand Against 300 Thousand! One Man Can Hold the Pass! Duel with the 4th in the World!

  39. Chapter: Not Surrendering? One Palm to Settle the World!

  40. Chapter: The 3rd in the World? Keep Killing! Senior Grand Secretary, The Instigator Behind Human’s Assault & Trafficker!

  41. Chapter: There’s Still A Black Hand?

  42. Chapter: Let The Number One In The World Come Find Me!

  43. Chapter: The Emperor? The Real Culprit Behind The Scenes?

  44. Chapter: The Truth Was Revealed

  45. Chapter: The Three Legions Submit!

  46. Chapter: Chuan Country! To Make Himself the Emperor!

  47. Chapter: Saints of Martial Artist!

  48. Chapter: Shattering The Void!

  49. Chapter: Reincarnation Calculation! Massive Rewards!

  50. Chapter: Generous Gifts From The Reincarnators Association

  51. Chapter: Newbie? Bigwig? Bigwig Newbie!

  52. Chapter: Competition Accept A Disciple, Big Shot Chat Group

  53. Chapter: Administrator Of The Reincarnation Forum!

  54. Chapter: Special Item: Golden Spoon

  55. Chapter: Master, Please Take Your Time

  56. Chapter: I Think It’s Better To Enhance The Security

  57. Chapter: The Third Reincarnation, The World Of Early-Stage Spiritual Energy Recovery!

  58. Chapter: The World Of The Awakened

  59. Chapter: A Demoted Prince? Glory City Was In Danger!

  60. Chapter: I’m Not Tony Stark

  61. Chapter: Freedom City

  62. Chapter: If You Are Cold, Those People Are Even Colder

  63. Chapter: So This Was The Return

  64. Chapter: The Good Man Card

  65. Chapter: Militia, Ahead Of The Beast Tide?

  66. Chapter: Virtuous People

  67. Chapter: Rebellion In The Barracks? Four Legions!

  68. Chapter: You Were The One Who Wanted To Leave, You Can’t Blame Me

  69. Chapter: Is This Kid A Hothead? How Can He Defend The City If He Doesn’t Even Want’s The Marshal?

  70. Chapter: Choosing A New Marshal

  71. Chapter: Doing Business

  72. Chapter: Blind Sister Military Advisor

  73. Chapter: The Three Great Strategies, The Pseudo-Awakened

  74. Chapter: Fortuitous Encounter In The Dojo

  75. Chapter: Forcing To The Leader’s of Azure Dragon Legion To Retreat, The Mysterious Dojo Master

  76. Chapter: Improving The Hanshi Powder & Optimizing The Guiding Techniques

  77. Chapter: In My Opinion, It’s A Complete Waste Of Your Talents!

  78. Chapter: Rare Treasures? It Wouldn’t Be Wrong To Scatter Them!

  79. Chapter: Skillful And Bold

  80. Chapter: The Crown Prince’s Selfishness, Accidental Disaster

  81. Chapter: Beast Crystals

  82. Chapter: Awakened, Charge Forward!

  83. Chapter: Deducing The World, Future Destroyed Glory City

  84. Chapter: Not Stupid

  85. Chapter: Beast Tide!

  86. Chapter: Let The Bait Go Further Away

  87. Chapter: Assassinating The Azure Dragon Marshal

  88. Chapter: Breakthrough! Third Stage Awakened!

  89. Chapter: Why Is It So Weak

  90. Chapter: High-Grade Spirit Crystals, Medicinal Cuisine!

  91. Chapter: Double Achievements, The Ninth Princes Of The Xu Kingdom

  92. Chapter: Encouraging To The Princes To Be An Accomplice

  93. Chapter: First Time To The Freedom City

  94. Chapter: The Strange Beasts Became Stronger?

  95. Chapter: Even The Freedom City Couldn’t Block It

  96. Chapter: The Dove Occupied The Magpie’s Nest!

  97. Chapter: Solved With A Change Of Train Of Thought

  98. Chapter: Crimson Sand Demon Scorpion King

  99. Chapter: Enticing Rewards

  100. Chapter: Repairing Eye Diseases

  101. Chapter: Divine Favor

  102. Chapter: There Was Still Such A Good Thing

  103. Chapter: The Beast Tide of Terror

  104. Chapter: A Fierce Battle

  105. Chapter: The Dawn Of Victory

  106. Chapter: Support Plan

  107. Chapter: Speaker

  108. Chapter: The Queen Ascends The Throne

  109. Chapter: The Last Beast Tide Came

  110. Chapter: Fearful Heart

  111. Chapter: Tragic

  112. Chapter: The Reinforcements Arrived

  113. Chapter: God Of Time

  114. Chapter: The Power Of God

  115. Chapter: Head To The Capital

  116. Chapter: I Am A God

  117. Chapter: SS Rank, Generous Rewards

  118. Chapter: I’m Not Interested In Being Famous

  119. Chapter: The Default Mechanism For Reincarnation

  120. Chapter: The Mystic Yin Scripture

  121. Chapter: Preparing For The Fourth Reincarnation

  122. Chapter: The Glorious Little Eunuch

  123. Chapter: If You Want To Practice This Technique, You Must First Castrate Yourself

  124. Chapter: Divine Ghostly Steps

  125. Chapter: Appreciation By The Fifth Prince

  126. Chapter: The Power Of The Sunflower Bible

  127. Chapter: A 9,000 Year-old Wei Zhengchun

  128. Chapter: The Wind And Clouds Move

  129. Chapter: The New Emperor Ascends The Throne

  130. Chapter: The Three Flowers Gathered At The Top

  131. Chapter: Princess Changning And Prince Cheng‘an

  132. Chapter: Life Is Like A Chess

  133. Chapter: Planning To Remove The Vassal States

  134. Chapter: Heart Devouring Pill

  135. Chapter: He Chuan Show Off His Power

  136. Chapter: Divine Eye

  137. Chapter: Beat Somebody At Their Own Game

  138. Chapter: Soldiers Approaching The City

  139. Chapter: The Battle Of The Offensive

  140. Chapter: Troops Withdrawal Signal

  141. Chapter: Half-step Saint Cultivator

  142. Chapter: Breaking into Enemy Camp at Night

  143. Chapter: Crushing Power

  144. Chapter: Sword Intent Traversed 30,000 Miles

  145. Chapter: The Alliance Army Was Defeated

  146. Chapter: The Steadfast Changning

  147. Chapter: Showdown

  148. Chapter: Palace Maid Cai Lian

  149. Chapter: The White Lotus Cult of the Outer Realm

  150. Chapter: The Eve Of Farewell

  151. Chapter: Imperial Seal of Nine Thousand YearOld

  152. Chapter: Leaving The Imperial Palace

  153. Chapter: A Strange Case

  154. Chapter: The Demon Monks of Outer Realms

  155. Chapter: Jue Lengxin

  156. Chapter: Joyful Zen Sect

  157. Chapter: The Great Show Begins

  158. Chapter: Bewitching Demon Monk

  159. Chapter: The Rampant Jue Lengxin

  160. Chapter: Defeating The Enemy In One Move

  161. Chapter: A Mere Saint Cultivator

  162. Chapter: The Taixuan Scripture

  163. Chapter: Rowing in the Lake

  164. Chapter: Heading to the Outer Realm

  165. Chapter: The Desert Tribe

  166. Chapter: The Change in Cheng’an

  167. Chapter: A Decision That Shocked The Entire Court

  168. Chapter: Traces Of The Gods And Devils

  169. Chapter: Everyone Has Their Own Plans

  170. Chapter: Xiongnu Tribe

  171. Chapter: Taking In The Sixth Princess As A Disciple

  172. Chapter: Lia Is The Number One Warrior In The Tribe

  173. Chapter: Murdering the Grand Tutor

  174. Chapter: The Grand Tutor Has Been Fallen, No Place For Retreat

  175. Chapter: Possessed

  176. Chapter: Fighting For the Warrior Title

  177. Chapter: Absolute Blade vs Blood Blade

  178. Chapter: The Powerful Qarhan Buroq

  179. Chapter: Crazy

  180. Chapter: Pry the Corner

  181. Chapter: The Demoness “Background”

  182. Chapter: The Mysterious Imperial Advisor

  183. Chapter: Using Each Other

  184. Chapter: A Shocking Scheme

  185. Chapter: The Dagger Is Revealed

  186. Chapter: A Battle Between Saint Cultivators

  187. Chapter: He Chuan Appears

  188. Chapter: The Golden Mace

  189. Chapter: Cheng’an Abdicates

  190. Chapter: Empress Changning

  191. Chapter: Empress Changning Wants to Stay Behind

  192. Chapter: Returning to Xiongnu Tribe

  193. Chapter: Gurdan’s Plan

  194. Chapter: Hunt and Assassination

  195. Chapter: The Death of the Third Prince

  196. Chapter: Bestowing A Ferocious Tiger

  197. Chapter: The Shrewd First Prince

  198. Chapter: Lia’s Performance

  199. Chapter: The Eldest Princess’s Birthday Banquet

  200. Chapter: The First Prince’s Gift

  201. Chapter: Framing The Eeldest Princess

  202. Chapter: Jade-Claw Gyrfalcon

  203. Chapter: Open Conspiracy

  204. Chapter: Gathering in the Capital

  205. Chapter: Xiongnu Tribe is Preparing To Be Participate in the Martial Art’s Of Conference

  206. Chapter: We’re All Actors

  207. Chapter: The Great Fortune Pill

  208. Chapter: The Mysterious Bronze Fragment

  209. Chapter: The Eldest Princess’s Test

  210. Chapter: Back to the Capital

  211. Chapter: Rapist

  212. Chapter: Whereabouts

  213. Chapter: Leaving Treasures Behind

  214. Chapter: The Martial Arts Conference Begins

  215. Chapter: Wudang Versus Shaolin

  216. Chapter: The Empress’s Gentleness

  217. Chapter: Advancing to the Eighth Rank Saint Cultivator

  218. Chapter: The Black Horse of the Emei Sect

  219. Chapter: The Start of the Coastal War

  220. Chapter: The Tragic War

  221. Chapter: Lia’s Advancement

  222. Chapter: How Overseas Looked

  223. Chapter: Imperial Secret Police Force

  224. Chapter: Street Assassination

  225. Chapter: Chasing the Assassin

  226. Chapter: The Powerful He Chuan

  227. Chapter: The More Exciting Competition

  228. Chapter: Evil-warding Sword Technique Versus Sword Intent

  229. Chapter: Shaolin and Wudang

  230. Chapter: The Real Northern Shaolin Temple

  231. Chapter: The First Appearance of the Gods

  232. Chapter: Annihilate With A Wave of the Hand

  233. Chapter: An Unexpected Message

  234. Chapter: The Nine Revolutions Divine Art

  235. Chapter: Mortal Realm

  236. Chapter: Successful Breakthrough Mortal Realm

  237. Chapter: The Son of White Tiger, Meng-Ao

  238. Chapter: The War Between To The Great Zhou & the Grassland

  239. Chapter: The Great Zhou’s Crushing Defeat

  240. Chapter: Actually, He Chuan Was Already In the Mortal Realm

  241. Chapter: Since There’s A Bird That Stands Out, He Doesn’t Mind Getting Rid of it First

  242. Chapter: This Dog Thief is So Bold, He Actually…

  243. Chapter: Exterminating Meng Ao

  244. Chapter: Killing One Million Xiongnu Cavalry

  245. Chapter: The Secret of the Heavenly King

  246. Chapter: The Sacred Soul Island

  247. Chapter: The Mysterious Realm Lord

  248. Chapter: Young Lord

  249. Chapter: Left Demonic Emissary Zhou Yuanba

  250. Chapter: Sacred Palace guard

  251. Chapter: The Terrifying World God

  252. Chapter: Lia’s Succession

  253. Chapter: The Secret of the World’s Origin

  254. Chapter: A Thousand-Mile Pursuit to Kill

  255. Chapter: The Hidden Space

  256. Chapter: The Fight in the Freezing Cold Sea

  257. Chapter: No Escape

  258. Chapter: Zhou Yuanba’s Scheme

  259. Chapter: The Secret of the Continent

  260. Chapter: Breaking the Void

  261. Chapter: Chaotic Space

  262. Chapter: Bloody Corpse Monkey

  263. Chapter: The Law of the Jungle

  264. Chapter: The Secret of the World God

  265. Chapter: The Terrifying Group of Bloody Corpse Monkeys

  266. Chapter: Searching For the Secret of the Space

  267. Chapter: The World Suppressed by the Nine Prefectures Cauldrons

  268. Chapter: Astral Talisman

  269. Chapter: When the Enemies Meet, Their Gaze Red With Hate

  270. Chapter: Wu Ji Patriarch

  271. Chapter: The Powerful Jing Wudao

  272. Chapter: Temporary Peace

  273. Chapter: He Chuan Was Tricked

  274. Chapter: Heading To The Freezing Cold Sea

  275. Chapter: Secret of the Alternate Dimension

  276. Chapter: The Mysterious Master Qin

  277. Chapter: The Primordial Array

  278. Chapter: Tit For Tat

  279. Chapter: River of the Dead

  280. Chapter: The Corpse Flower

  281. Chapter: Channeling of the Soul

  282. Chapter: Zi Wei’s Shenchen Miraculous Scripture

  283. Chapter: Falling Out

  284. Chapter: Life-Saving Straw

  285. Chapter: Being Played

  286. Chapter: Temporary Escape

  287. Chapter: The World Changes

  288. Chapter: Uttarakuru

  289. Chapter: Heavenly Tribulation

  290. Chapter: The Bridge of Helplessness

  291. Chapter: The Depths of Memory

  292. Chapter: Father?

  293. Chapter: The Family In The Memory

  294. Chapter: The Reunion In Memory

  295. Chapter: Wudao Is In Trouble

  296. Chapter: He Chuan’s Leisure Time

  297. Chapter: The Savage Experts From the Outer Realms

  298. Chapter: He Chuan Appears

  299. Chapter: Killing An Outer Realm Expert

  300. Chapter: The Intense Battle in the Alternate Dimension

  301. Chapter: Three-life Stone

  302. Chapter: Ancient Qing Emperor

  303. Chapter: Qing Emperor’s Image Projection

  304. Chapter: The Strange Sea

  305. Chapter: Danger In the Deep Sea

  306. Chapter: Treated As A Big Fish

  307. Chapter: Emperor Zi Wei

  308. Chapter: The Various Sects In the Outer Realms

  309. Chapter: The Attack Of the Sea Monsters

  310. Chapter: Taking Action At the Critical Moment

  311. Chapter: Killing the Squid Sea Monster

  312. Chapter: Killing the Squid Sea Monster

  313. Chapter: An Unexpected Person

  314. Chapter: Wei Lin’s Ambition

  315. Chapter: Shangguan Fei in Sorry State

  316. Chapter: Beating up the Wu Ji Patriarch

  317. Chapter: Heavenly Sword Sect

  318. Chapter: Eye For an Eye

  319. Chapter: The Mysterious Altar

  320. Chapter: Devil Monk

  321. Chapter: Wu Ji Patriarch Begs for Mercy

  322. Chapter: The Appearance of The Teal-Eyed Toad

  323. Chapter: The Two People Who Disappeared

  324. Chapter: Dangers Lurking

  325. Chapter: Essence Fruit

  326. Chapter: All Ferocious Beasts

  327. Chapter: Two More Girls

  328. Chapter: Five-Clawed Golden Dragon

  329. Chapter: Five Against One

  330. Chapter: Unusual Altar

  331. Chapter: The Endless Void

  332. Chapter: People From the Heavenly Sword sect

  333. Chapter: The Appearance of the Qing Emperor

  334. Chapter: A Powerful Cultivation Technique

  335. Chapter: All Gathered

  336. Chapter: The Sinister Shangguan Fei

  337. Chapter: Trapped in A Dangerous Place

  338. Chapter: In the Plan

  339. Chapter: The Unlucky Wu Ji Patriarch

  340. Chapter: Temporary Escape

  341. Chapter: The Toad Bloodline

  342. Chapter: Devouring Wu Ji Patriarch

  343. Chapter: Continue to Devour

  344. Chapter: Build the Foundation

  345. Chapter: Counterattack Before Death

  346. Chapter: Soaring Killing Intent

  347. Chapter: Azure Spirit Leopard

  348. Chapter: Chaotic Battle

  349. Chapter: Willingly Taking the Bait

  350. Chapter: The Proper Use of the Array Flags

  351. Chapter: Besieging He Youliang

  352. Chapter: What is in the Heart

  353. Chapter: Green Spirit Nether Hedgehog

  354. Chapter: A Thousand-mile Pursuit

  355. Chapter: Human and Demon

  356. Chapter: Sowing Discord

  357. Chapter: The Current Plan

  358. Chapter: The Dragon Soul

  359. Chapter: Retreat

  360. Chapter: The Dragon Soul Self-Destructs

  361. Chapter: Devouring the Green Spirit Nether Hedgehog

  362. Chapter: The Reaction of the Heavenly Sword Sect

  363. Chapter: The Races Besides the Human Race

  364. Chapter: A Sense of Crisis

  365. Chapter: The Pain of Devouring

  366. Chapter: Come to an End

  367. Chapter: The Appearance of A Powerful Beast Cultivator

  368. Chapter: Internal Strife?

  369. Chapter: The Death of the Right Protector

  370. Chapter: Surrender

  371. Chapter: Demonic Cultivators Suppressing the Realm

  372. Chapter: Sacrificial Array

  373. Chapter: The Floating Jade Array

  374. Chapter: A Strange Formation

  375. Chapter: The Traitor, Left Protector

  376. Chapter: Wang Meng's Choice

  377. Chapter: The Human Race Cultivation Alliance

  378. Chapter: Mysterious Person

  379. Chapter: Familiar Blood Array

  380. Chapter: Consecutive Reversal

  381. Chapter: All Acquaintances

  382. Chapter: The Lord behind

  383. Chapter: Killed in One Move

  384. Chapter: Who Is It?

  385. Chapter: Xu Fengyu Reappears

  386. Chapter: Cunning Escape

  387. Chapter: Times Are Changing

  388. Chapter: Unable to Ascend

  389. Chapter: Heartless Heavenly Dao

  390. Chapter: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

  391. Chapter: More Difficult Than Difficult

  392. Chapter: Copying the Formatio

  393. Chapter: Abnormal

  394. Chapter: Ambush

  395. Chapter: The Destruction of the Floating Jade Island

  396. Chapter: Heavily Injured Ye Xiu

  397. Chapter: The Last Brilliance

  398. Chapter: Heading to the Zhou Dynasty

  399. Chapter: Rescue

  400. Chapter: No More Floating Jade Island

  401. Chapter: Fake Ye Xiu

  402. Chapter: He Chuan’s First Encounter with the Son of Destiny

  403. Chapter: He Chuan Agrees to the Request

  404. Chapter: The Opportunity to Build a Country

  405. Chapter: The Trap Assassin

  406. Chapter: Soul Destroyer

  407. Chapter: Timely Arrival

  408. Chapter: Calm for the Time Being

  409. Chapter: Discussing Taking in People

  410. Chapter: Whether To Establish A Kingdom

  411. Chapter: The Strange Giant Eye

  412. Chapter: Xu Fengyu Talks About Cooperation

  413. Chapter: Cultivation World’s Secret

  414. Chapter: The Tianyuan Continent

  415. Chapter: The Conditions For Cooperation

  416. Chapter: The Abnormal Floating Jade Island Master

  417. Chapter: Murong Yan

  418. Chapter: Inquiring Secrets

  419. Chapter: Shameless Xu Fengyu

  420. Chapter: Zhao Gao Was Captured

  421. Chapter: Testing The Heavenly Sword Sect

  422. Chapter: The Sect Master Murong Fu

  423. Chapter: Confusing Kidnapping

  424. Chapter: Not Giving Face

  425. Chapter: The Other Side of Murong Fu

  426. Chapter: The Start of the Chaotic Battle

  427. Chapter: The Floating Jade Island Master's Choice

  428. Chapter: A Difficult Battle

  429. Chapter: A Series of Reversal

  430. Chapter: Murong Fu Who Had Hidden Himself Deeply

  431. Chapter: Zhao Qiankun’s Guess

  432. Chapter: Murong Fu’s Weakness

  433. Chapter: The Isolated Lightning Tribulation Descends

  434. Chapter: Cunning Xu Fengyu

  435. Chapter: Successfuly Seizing the Tribulation

  436. Chapter: Arriving in Time

  437. Chapter: Besieging Xu Fengyu

  438. Chapter: Arrogant

  439. Chapter: The Fierce Battle of the Heavenly Sword Sect

  440. Chapter: Xu Fengyu’s Last Trump Card

  441. Chapter: The Mystical Emperor Zi Wei’s Legacy

  442. Chapter: Calming the Storm

  443. Chapter: Ascending to the Heaven Realm

  444. Chapter: Danger in the Heaven Realm

  445. Chapter: Heaven Realm Native Human Race

  446. Chapter: Communicate with the Natives of the Heaven Realm

  447. Chapter: Wutong Village 

  448. Chapter: Temporarily Hiding

  449. Chapter: Forced Hunting

  450. Chapter: Gradually Adapting to the Heaven Realm

  451. Chapter: Temporarily Leaving Scorching Sun City

  452. Chapter: The Terrifying Immortal Venerable

  453. Chapter: Double Identity

  454. Chapter: Judge He

  455. Chapter: Sky City

  456. Chapter: Good Luck Again and Again

  457. Chapter: Young Master Qi Ye

  458. Chapter: Stab in the Back

  459. Chapter: Come to Kill

  460. Chapter: Qingmu Immortal Venerable

  461. Chapter: The Powerful Yuan Emperor

  462. Chapter: Extermination

  463. Chapter: The Great Battle Is About to Begin

  464. Chapter: Yuan Emperor’s Plan

  465. Chapter: Temporary Peace

  466. Chapter: Sky City Auction House

  467. Chapter: Enemies on a Narrow Road

  468. Chapter: Digging Out Eyes

  469. Chapter: City Lord Qing Tian Makes a Move

  470. Chapter: Heavenly Emperor Tianfang

  471. Chapter: Prepare to Break Through

  472. Chapter: Shocking Everyone

  473. Chapter: Shocking Everyone

  474. Chapter:Shura Avatar

  475. Chapter: Suppressed

  476. Chapter: Exterminating the Shura Lineage

  477. Chapter: Teleportation Formation Completed

  478. Chapter: The Appearance of the Demon Clan

  479. Chapter: Disappearing Inexplicably

  480. Chapter: Nether Earth Reveals Its Might

  481. Chapter: Backhand Supression

  482. Chapter: Heading to the Netherworld

  483. Chapter: Meeting Cui Xu Again

  484. Chapter: Returning to the Beiyin Mountain

  485. Chapter: Exploring Maple Leaf Country

  486. Chapter: A Big Loss This Time

  487. Chapter: Visiting Maple Leaf Country Again

  488. Chapter: Finding Yuan Emperor to Cooperate

  489. Chapter: Scheming Against Qing Tian

  490. Chapter: Fighting Drought Demon

  491. Chapter: The Fight Between the Two Powerhouse

  492. Chapter: The Fall of Qingtian

  493. Chapter: The Furious Emperor Tianfang

  494. Chapter: Seeking Revenge

  495. Chapter: Counterplot

  496. Chapter: Stepping into the Immortal Venerable Realm

  497. Chapter: Netherworld Opening

  498. Chapter: Killing the Gu Eagle

  499. Chapter: Guardian of Hell

  500. Chapter: Netherworld God’s Secret

  501. Chapter: A Bad Feeling

  502. Chapter: Refusing to Enter

  503. Chapter: Awful Mess

  504. Chapter: Qingshuang Coming Out of Seclusion

  505. Chapter: Killer Chen Ping’an

  506. Chapter: Strange Method

  507. Chapter: Secret Leaked

  508. Chapter: Besieging Changle Palace

  509. Chapter: The Fall of Zhai Xing Lou’s Tower Master

  510. Chapter: Temporarily Calm

  511. Chapter: How About A Son-in-Law?

  512. Chapter: Cultivating Urgently

  513. Chapter: The Army Arrives at the City

  514. Chapter: Heavenly Devil Cui Xu Makes a Move

  515. Chapter: Old Ghost Changle

  516. Chapter: Immortal He Chuan Coming Out of Seclusion

  517. Chapter: All Parties Reaction

  518. Chapter: Reforming the Reincarnation Hall

  519. Chapter: A Letter of Challenge

  520. Chapter: Emperor Chiyan, Snake Queen

  521. Chapter: Beiyin Nether King

  522. Chapter: A Day of Life

  523. Chapter: Preparing to Sell Fruits

  524. Chapter: Heading to the Star

  525. Chapter: Trade

  526. Chapter: Heavenly Constellations

  527. Chapter: Opening the Treasure

  528. Chapter: Moment Kingdom

  529. Chapter: A New World

  530. Chapter: Collision on the Road

  531. Chapter: The Great Wu Emperor’s Plan

  532. Chapter: Xu Tianyi’s Shock

  533. Chapter: Meeting the Yuan Emperor Again

  534. Chapter: Searching for Moment

  535. Chapter: Stay at Moment

  536. Chapter: The Mastermind Appears

  537. Chapter: A New Mysterious Race

  538. Chapter: The New Wu Countr

  539. Chapter: Returning to the Dark Zone

  540. Chapter: The Reincarnated Person

  541. Chapter: Meeting An Old Friend Again

  542. Chapter: Cooperation with a Tiger

  543. Chapter: The Real Plan

  544. Chapter: Furious Emperor Tianfang

  545. Chapter: The Sixth Layer of Hell

  546. Chapter: The Shocked Yu Shengtian

  547. Chapter: Moving House Again

  548. Chapter: Heading to the Netherworld

  549. Chapter: Blood Sacrifice Technique

  550. Chapter: Snatching Star

  551. Chapter: The Powerful Lin Fu

  552. Chapter: Sneaking into Great Yan

  553. Chapter: The Dao of the Five Emperors

  554. Chapter: Joining a New Force

  555. Chapter: Joining a New Force

  556. Chapter: Attacking Great Yan

  557. Chapter: High-level Scholar

  558. Chapter: Taking Up the Post

  559. Chapter: Meeting the Princess Again

  560. Chapter: Eighth Prince Arrives

  561. Chapter: Each Has Their Own Plan

  562. Chapter: Plague by Crisis

  563. Chapter: Life-Saving Item

  564. Chapter: Suppressing Ao Ying

  565. Chapter: Possession

  566. Chapter: Suppress Back

  567. Chapter: Green Emperor’s Shocking Plan

  568. Chapter: Unexpected Arrival

  569. Chapter: Inverted Black Water

  570. Chapter: People from Heavenly Constellations have Arrived

  571. Chapter: The Depressed Emperor Tianfang

  572. Chapter: Celestial Cultivator’s Plan

  573. Chapter: Temporarily Retreating

  574. Chapter: Killing an Old Friend

  575. Chapter: Everyone Target

  576. Chapter: An Overt Conspiracy That Cannot Be Rejected

  577. Chapter: The Collision of the Two Realms

  578. Chapter: Revenge on Scorching Sun Dynasty

  579. Chapter: Scorching Sun Godking’s Plan

  580. Chapter: Counterattack

  581. Chapter: The Might Of The Ninth Level Of Hell

  582. Chapter: There’s Such an Existence

  583. Chapter: Meeting the Green Emperor’s Original Body

  584. Chapter: Thought It Was a Big Deal

  585. Chapter: The Ancestor of Brothel

  586. Chapter: Reaping the Profits

  587. Chapter: Directly Closing the Net

  588. Chapter: The Alliance

  589. Chapter: The Sun Star

  590. Chapter: The Powerful Yin and Yang Lords

  591. Chapter: Agitated Heart

  592. Chapter: The Battle of Stars

  593. Chapter: Absorbing the Houtian Creation Wood Seed

  594. Chapter: The Might of a God Realm Expert

  595. Chapter: The Most Terrifying Hell

  596. Chapter: Asking Yuan Emperor

  597. Chapter: Star Lord

  598. Chapter: Refining the Star Core

  599. Chapter: Secretly Joining Forces

  600. Chapter: Showing Up to Ask for Peace

  601. Chapter: The Shocked Scorching Sun Dynasty’s Godking

  602. Chapter: They All Have A Paln B

  603. Chapter: Life on the Line

  604. Chapter: Temporarily Out of Control

  605. Chapter: The Netherworld River

  606. Chapter: Temporary Compromise

  607. Chapter: Furious

  608. Chapter: Dare to be Angry, but Dare Not Speak

  609. Chapter: Dare to be Angry, but Dare Not Speaky

  610. Chapter: Killing a Pig

  611. Chapter: Covert Competition

  612. Chapter: War Again

  613. Chapter: The Sinister Celestial Cultivator 

  614. Chapter: Sneak Attack 

  615. Chapter: Flaw

  616. Chapter: Absorbing Power

  617. Chapter: The Five Great Ghost Kings

  618. Chapter: General Qingmu

  619. Chapter: Get The Better Of The Enemy After they Attacked

  620. Chapter: The Furious Green Emperor

  621. Chapter: Conspiracy Behind the Scenes

  622. Chapter: Evil Intentions

  623. Chapter: Killing Fish and Pig

  624. Chapter: Stirring the Situation

  625. Chapter: Death

  626. Chapter: Dog Bite Dog

  627. Chapter: Resurrection from the Dead

  628. Chapter: The End of the Hero

  629. Chapter: Netherworld Judge

  630. Chapter: Meeting an Old Friend Again

  631. Chapter: Old Friends in Shock

  632. Chapter: Travelling the Human World

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