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Is FastComet Really the Top-Rated Hosting Provider It Advertises?

I was curious when asked to review FastComet. FastComet was one of the very few hosts I never actually got to try and play about with, despite the fact that I used to work as a web developer.

True, I probably might have lived a happy life without discovering how excellent FastComet actually is, but when the stars align so perfectly, how can you refuse? I went on to register as a new user and test every single feature of FastComet’s services.

The traditional trinity of shared, VPS (virtual private servers), and dedicated hosting is among the services offered. They are housed in data centres dotted around the globe, and FastComet boasts that their performance will “exceed your expectations.” It also implies that you’re about to fall in love with the characteristics, though I doubt it says much about the features themselves, more about the current state of love.

Anyway, it will be difficult to meet my expectations. I’m still seeking for a strong service that is trustworthy, efficient, quick, and reasonably priced. I can tell you right now that FastComet’s service did impress me in some areas, which is how the host earned a spot on my ranking of the top hosting providers currently in operation.

Tools that are Practical and Outstanding Global Presence

Although the shared hosting plans from FastComet aren’t “jam-packed with features,” they do provide some generous features. No essential function is hidden behind a barrier, and the free plan is more than adequate for one website.

FastCloud, the entry-level plan, is also the one I subscribed to. FastComet should be blamed for misleading you into thinking you would be receiving cloud-based hosting because that is not the case. Here, we’re not discussing the adaptable cloud environments of the future, but rather the common shared server architecture.

But that’s actually okay, especially when you take a look at what the plans cover. The basic package includes 30GB of bandwidth and 15GB of SSD storage space, which is more than many other hosts currently offer.

All plans are built around the tried-and-true cPanel control interface, which enables you to manage your hosting and website fast and effectively. With the one-click Softaculous auto-installer application, WordPress, Joomla, and hundreds of other CMS (content management systems) can all be installed quickly.

Additionally, there are no-cost transfers from other hosts to FastComet, as well as a clever combination with Cloudflare CDN, a global delivery network that helps to speed up the distribution of information to your users.

Are you curious about the two advanced plans? Well, if you get hosting-mania, you develop an unquenchable want to host numerous websites. The two advanced plans are unrestricted and come with sufficient resources, in contrast to the basic plan’s one website cap.

FastComet Review

I was pleased to learn that the fundamental plan includes more storage than is often offered.

Consider yourself a frequent emailer? The good news is that all three options offer limitless email inboxes. That implies that anyone can create an account, including your significant other, virtual assistants, and your mother-in-law.

What about the endearing, stress-relieving padlock that everyone searches for in their browser’s address bar? Each FastComet plan includes an SSL certificate, which is what that is. It’s simple to install and will work wonders for you, including helping you outrank competition who don’t use SSL and enabling you to perform online transactions.

Additionally, FastComet promotes the use of a website builder by the name of FastComet SiteBuilder. Although it wasn’t created by FastComet and is available on other providers, it is a really helpful tool for quickly launching a simple website.


Is FastComet a service that’s worth the money? Definitely. And how do the prices stack up against the alternatives available? I have to say, quite nicely.

FastComet isn’t the most affordable option, but then again, no inexpensive provider offers the high-quality assistance that this host does. You have the option to join up for 1, 12, 24, or 36 months, with pricing improving with every amount of commitment. The best monthly price of $2.74 will be yours if you sign the longest contract.

FastComet Pricing

Do not forget that FastComet may be the sole host that is profitable if it is the locations of the data centres that you are interested in. Price-wise, local hosts in India, East Asia, and Oceania might be comparable, but there’s a chance that you’ll run into communication problems. FastComet is more appealing to choose because most of these providers provide significantly less than what it does.

There are several add-ons available for purchase during registration, but none of them are necessary, and there are no sneaky instances of extras that are checked before you even sign up or hidden upsells. FastComet does not provide free domain registration; but, it does provide free domain transfers, which add one free year to your existing domain registration.

The fact that FastComet is so obsessed with promos is a pretty fascinating aspect of their pricing. Whether it be the coronavirus pandemic or the winter solstice, they frequently offer incredible deals. You might be able to negotiate a deal at that point that will make you feel like a really clever businessperson.

Payment was made by using a credit card or PayPal, and I was happy to see that all orders come with a 45-day money back guarantee, which is 50% longer than the industry standard of one month.